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SALACIOUS is a print magazine of queer feminist sex art and literature. SALACIOUS aims to meld pornography with high art; comics with erotica; titillation with stunning visuals.

SALACIOUS highlights queer feminist sex. Comics are SALACIOUS’ main focus—however, SALACIOUS loves the written word and single spot illustrations as well.

Our Content Mission
  1. SALACIOUS is queer. We’re not going to tell you what queer should mean to you, please keep this in mind as you peruse our magazine.
  2. SALACIOUS is feminist. We consider reproductions of typically sexist, misogynist sex and sexuality offensive, unimportant, and not worthy of printing.
  3. SALACIOUS is anti-racist. We reject racist representations, insist on a multi-racial editorial board and contributor base, and seek to understand racism, like sexism, in relation to local and international inequities of power.
  4. SALACIOUS is aimed at titillation, as much as it is aimed at high art. Just because it’s naughty doesn’t mean it has to be poorly done.