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WORK IS WERK: Letter from the Editor

This issue has been, well, work. From the moment of its inception, SALACIOUS has been a labor of love, a passion for those of us involved. No one gets paid or turns a profit; we are your trusty pro-bono pornographers, sacrificing sleep, free time, our own money, and sometimes common sense to get hot, thought-provoking, feminist, queer, anti-racist smut into your hands.

For all those reasons, a project that is this much a volunteer effort means that life sometimes (often!) gets in the way.

The work you see in WORK has been a slow build over the course of the last year. We like to do things right over here at SALACIOUS HQ, and so rather than force an issue together without all the pieces in place, we went for quality, as we always do.

It should be noted that this hard-wrought issue of WORK comes with a brand spanking new website and a smaller-size print format. In our quest for world domination, we are being as responsive as possible to YOU, our fantastic supporters, and you wanted a more navigable site and a more portable magazine.

Now that we’re more firmly established in your minds (and in your hard-ons), we’re making the transition from DIY to indie label, and we hope you’ll agreed these changes work for us. This has been a make-or-break year for us, and we’re pretty sure we made it. But, as with all of our smutty goodness, the rest is really up to you.

yours in printed porno matter,
kd diamond
Editor and Art Director