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The Board

Katie Diamond is a radical queer comic artist who fuses art with politics, graphics with sex, and education with visuals as a method of altering societal norms and breaking down preconceived notions of gender and sexuality. Her work throughout New England, and across the country at large, has been called “imaginative,” “ambitious,” “fresh,” and “creative.” Her dogmatic approach to comics and art as a transformative experience sets her apart from other artists. Learn more about Diamond and her work:


Katie Seitz lives in DC, but always threatens to move to the West Coast, where she hears there are more Koreans. She has been a cheesemaker, a bookstore clerk, an office lackey, a writer and critic, and an employee of sex shops on two continents. She likes to mix up her sex and politics, particularly in challenging the organized kink community around issues of race and class. She aspires to push the boundaries of words like “race” and “queer” until they break local zoning restrictions.

Calvin Anderson started as a young, angry dyke in the middle of Pennsylvania, and moved around, changed some things, and is now a gentle, queer bear who is in Connecticut until such time as he completes his graduate degree and moves onto his next step of life. This Calvin loves all things queer, kinky, thought provoking, artistic and inspiring. He has been a lighting designer for theatre and music for the past 10 plus years and thoroughly enjoys this visual profession. If asked what his purpose is, it is to create and inspire. And he’s a Cancer who enjoys long hikes in the middle of the woods and improvisational haikus.


Q is a self-identified queer, gender-morphing, polyamorous, porn star, leather boi. It’s well known that flirting is Q’s default mode of communication. He can often be found with a charming smile on his face or looking mischievous with the other bois. On rare occasions this boi might even be found dancing on a table for the right amount of money…for charity of course! Easily recognized by his blonde mohawk, Q is a two-time award winning bootblack and internationally recognized presenter both within and outside of the leather community. An activist for more than 15 years, Q has consistently made strides to bridge the various communities to which he belongs. His most recent journey as a titleholder in the leather community provided her with the opportunity to continue a rich tradition of education while indulging his activist side.


Frederick Peter Dobson III, Esq. was born in Portland, Maine; raised in Portland, Maine; and currently lives in Portland, Maine—although he did escape the city for his college period (far more successful than his hunter orange period) to Roger Williams University earning a BFA in Creative Writing.  Contrary to popular belief, Fred has no blood ties to the British Monarchy, but has met many a king, queen and a single prince.  Sometimes, he flexes the brittle brain bits which produce paintings and drawings with brushes and bics… Sometimes, they’re even good.  His fetishes include: bicycles, bykes, bike-sexuals; feminists, feminists-who-won’t-admit-they’re-feminists, male feminists, Joss Whedon; bears, Bears; hairy legs and books.  Choice ‘roots’ include Rainbow Brite action figures and plushies, He-Man action figures and the phobia-inducing warning pamphlets his sister and mother left in bathrooms which cover the dangers of toxic shock syndrome.

Leela Rajani Sinha has spent her entire life answering the question, “What are you?” as unhelpfully as possible.  She suspects that people want to know that her father is from India and her mom is from California and her first name means “the erotic play of the gods that created the world”–or is that oversharing?  She was born and raised in a Connecticut suburb of New York City which means that she is twice multicultural, straddling the line between Yankee and Yankees fan as well as the ocean between the US and India.  It’s a both/and life: queer, gq, logical/creative, liberal/religious–and as a result she doesn’t really believe in binaries.  She does believe in art, laughter, and the transforming power of mischief.  She has a B.A. in American Studies from Carleton College, and an M.Div. from Meadville/Lombard Theological School.  In 2009 Leela trained with The Coaches Training Institute and now does sex-positive coaching for people who are done being boring (and looking for a little adventure!).  You can read more or get in touch at her website:

leela life coaching

Johnny Blazes is known throughout the country for hir gender-blending, genre-bending, tongue-in-cheek performances. Johnny is notorious for flamboyantly combining clowning with burlesque and drag, glitter with sophistication.  Ze performs and emcees regularly at variety shows around New England, and occasionally tours with the fierce performance troupes The Femme Show and The Tranny Roadshow.  Ze is currently touring hir one-performer show entitled wo(n)man show to colleges and venues around the country.  Johnny’s writing on gender and performance has been published in the anthologies Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation and Encounters with Contact Improvisation, and ze is currently collaborating with artist Katie Diamond on an autobiographical comic series about the joys and challenges of being an elementary school teacher by day and a genderqueer stripper by night.  To keep up with Johnny’s doings, check out

johnny blazes

Alicia Greene has been a performing since she was 10 years old.  Spoken word, dance and comedy are some of the stages you may have seen her on. She has trained at Kansas State University, the Improv Asylum, Improv Olympic and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts-NYC. Some of Alicia’s past performances include: The Chicago Improv Festival, Montreal Fringe Festival, The Femme Show, Company One, Big Moves dance troupe, street corners, comedy clubs and open mikes near you.  She is also an announcer for the Boston Derby Dames and Central Mass Roller Derby as “Lady Oshun-The Announcing Orisha”

Erica Rand

Erica Rand is a queer anti-racist jewish femme who is quite fond of sex on and off the page.  She’s on the editorial board of Radical Teacher and twirls on knives for research and pleasure.  If you want to find out why figure skating is like sex—along with a few other few things about gender, cash, racialization, and all sorts of perversities, check out her now book, Red Nails, Black Skates: Gender, Cash, and Pleasure On and Off the Ice

Erica Rand

ELENORE TOCZYNSKI is a queer cartoonist recently moved from her home of the Bay Area, California, all the way to Portland, Maine. She has an continuing comic called “brain crease” as well as a few other small comics. Some things she likes are self publishing, walking, biking, dogs, and telling stories through comics. She has an occasionally updated art blog at GHOSTLY TOAST, and a website coming soon. She finds writing about herself in the third person odd and unnatural.

Kelsea Dunham has been the Business Fairy for SALACIOUS Magazine since February 2011. In addition, she is a current student at University of Southern Maine, majoring in Marketing and Women and Gender Studies. In her spare time, she enjoys pushing the queer agenda, snuggling with her multiple partners, expanding her ever-growing dress collection, and running around like a chicken with her head cut off.